3/14/2020 We’re practicing Social Distancing

In the interest of keeping everyone as safe as possible in the COVID-19 era, Ideas and Coffee will only be open by prior arrangement or appointment, and all Meetups are cancelled until the middle of May. If you need to get in touch with us use this contact form, or call us at 505-232-7992. We’re sorry for any inconvenience but we’d like to err on the side of public safety. For more information on why social distancing is important here’s a link to a Science News story about it.

A place to work

Brewed in PercolatorLooking for a quiet place to get some work done?

Tired of no-one to bounce ideas off?

Need a focused environment that doesn’t distract you with dirty dishes or a place to meet a client somewhere that’s more professional than your house or a coffee shop?

Try Ideas and Coffee Coworking. We have secure, high speed Wifi, printers, a fax machine, copier, and scanners.

And the coffee’s always on. Drop by and see what’s happening.