We have many different options. If you don’t see what you’d like, let us know.

Day Passes: Access to all open areas: wifi, printing, faxing, copiers, scanning, whiteboards, coffee and tea are included.

Non-members: $15/day
Quiet Room rental: $15/hour or $75/day (up to 8 hours)
Members: (additional days) $10/day Quiet Room rental: $10/hour


Casual: this is an account for occasional use, it includes up to 5 day passes and two hours of quiet room access per month. Wifi, printing, faxing, and scanning are available, and additional day passes are $10/day. You can
purchase guest passes for $10/day as well.

An account for a telecommuter, or entrepreneur who needs to meet clients and enjoy conversation over the water cooler a few times a week. This includes up to 10 day passes a month, and 5 hours of quiet room access.
All amenities included with Casual.

Full-Time Access: If you need a space daily, this account allows full time access to the open areas, and 10 hours of quiet room access per month. All amenities.

Full-Time Access with a Desk: Small desk you can claim as your own and a locker you can use permanently.

Supporting: If you come to events and Meetups at Ideas and Coffee and would like to support the coworking space, (make sure there’s coffee and more events on the horizon), you can become a Supporting member for $15/month.

Post Office box only: $25/month
Good for SEO, it makes your company seem more creditable than a PO box address.

Additional Member Services:
Post office box (Good for SEO) $20/month
Storage Locker: $20/month

Larger meetings can be held in the central working area. Rates available on request.

If you work hard all day, when you go home, you can unwind and enjoy. That’s where coworking comes in handy. Work hard in a different space (with good coffee and fast internet), then when you go home, you can put up your feet and relax.
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