Other interesting groups

I just ran across another really interesting technology group in town, the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild. They don’t have a Meetup group but they meet Tuesday evenings at the Levitated Toy Factory. Here’s a pointer to their facebook page. It’s a wealth of useful information and pointers.

Beer.js is  a local group of javascript developers and beer drinkers 🙂 They manage their group through a git hub repository.

And if you’re not on the NMdevs slack group you’re missing some great conversations.  Invite yourself here. Thanks to Patrick White for setting this up!

RubiABQ sponsors a Code Retreat on Pi Day

Ideas and Coffee is pleased to help out with a Code Retreat that’s being sponsored by the RubiABQ Meetup group. Here’s the announcement for the event, and we have a small web site set up to take registrations at abqcoderetreat.org.


From the coderetreat.org website:

Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of ‘getting things done’, the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement..

RubiABQ is lucky to have two members who have attended Coderetreats before, and one of them, Ben Cates, has volunteered to be the coordinator for (to the best of our knowledge) Albuquerque’s first Coderetreat.

More information will be available soon, but I’ve put this on the calendar now so people can plan to attend. At our last meeting we had a half dozen or so people state that they planned to go. We will be limiting this inaugural event to 30 participants. It is not Ruby-specific and we will be contacting other programming and development groups to let them know.

Today’s iOS dev workshop

Today’s iOS developers workshop was great fun! We had a presentation on jailbreaking your iPhone, and a quick look at the new Watch Kit for Apple Watches. Cliff came by to ask about Test Driven Development in the iOS world, and to mention an up and coming event, a Code Retreat that’ll be happening Jan 10th at Ideas and Coffee. This inspired a talk by Jeff Hellman on TDD using XCode that’ll happen in two weeks. We heard several great broken code stories, and Michael Deitchur dropped in to show us a video of his latest work, Tile – Gila Monster. Also we all got to say hi to Steven Cussan who was back from California for a few days.

Some pointers from the Jailbreaking talk.

Cocoa Conspiracy’s Deployathon

Andrew Stone of Twittelator fame and other iOS developers from the Cocoa Conspiracy group will be available Tuesday from 9am to 3pm to help other iOS app builders get their projects into shape to deploy. They’ll be snacks and lots of conversation and great information in the Apple developer’s world. Here’s what Andrew says is on the schedule so far:

Tuesday at http://ideasandcoffee.com CocoaConspiracy is providing free help to folks who show up w/ their apps. So far, we have:

• Abiquiu Art Studio Tour App v2.0

• A port of a crowd sourced whale watching android app to iOS

And I'm sure a few more will come through the door. A great day to teach and learn, meet future clients and participate in something new.

Please bring a potluck snack.