Busy week at Ideas & Coffee

This week has been fun at Ideas and Coffee. We had Sam Hotchkiss’s very popular WordPress Developers Meetup on Monday. Alonso and Florian of Hermes Development spoke about developing plugins for customers. On Wednesday at RubiABQ, Cliff continued working on bringing the Built in New Mexico website up to Rails 5. It was a struggle with GitHub being down for about half an hour. There are an amazing number of things that become more difficult with GitHub being unavailable, but we got lots of interesting information none the less. Thursday brought the general WordPress Meetup on the topic of Themes. Thanks to Alonso, Florian, and Sheelah we got some insight into how people create bespoken WordPress themes using UnderScores. And we had a fun conversation about what all to look at when evaluating a WordPress theme.

I completely failed at taking pictures during the events. Too busy enjoying the great flow of information, so I’m attaching a picture of the Sandias as a bonus 🙂

What happens at the RubiABQ Meetup?

Ever wonder what people discuss at the RubiABQ meetup? It’s been a pretty wide and eclectic set of topics over the last year, and sometimes it’s even Ruby. The last several meetups have been deep into Ruby and Rails topics. Last night we started with a continuation talk about Forwardable. This involved a comparison of ivars vs constants and a conversation about the singleton class. 

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