Chris Burbridge’s excellent presentation on CSS

Back in May Chris gave an excellent talk on getting started with CSS in WordPress. Here are some references he posted as well:


CSS Zen Garden

Jetpack Plugin

Google Fonts

CSS3 Generator

CSS terminology definitions (I played fast and loose with them—but if you’re curious, here’s what’s true about it)

More on CSS specificity rules (which rule gets applied)

CSS reference from

CSS reference from W3 Schools

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How a Wiki Can Save Time and Money

How a wiki can save you time & money and empower your customers

Friday, Nov 16, 2012, 11:30 AM

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You’re probably familiar with the wiki concept from Wikipedia, but you may think a wiki means something that’s open for anyone to edit, and/or something that must be in the public domain. Wikis can be configured to be public but only editable by your staff, or private if needed. They are wonderful tools for capturing your own internal documentation…

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