WordPress Resources

WordPress Resources

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Our October 24th general Meetup doesn’t have a topic, but I do have some resources to share with the community and I’m hoping that other people will have some thoughts on useful WordPress tools.

Some Websites of interest

Building out test content for trying out themes


  •  pixabay.com – One of the largest and most popular PD photos sites.
  • unsplash.com – Another interesting photo repository.

Place holding text

  •     lipsum.com – Pseudo latin placeholding text so you can see how longer articles will work with your theme.
  •      hipsum.co – Pseudo latin with some hipster flair sprinkled in.
  •      pirateipsum.me – Yar, you scallywag
  •      baconipsum.com – meat based random text

 Fonts & Icons

  •     fontawesome.com – Well crafted set of icons you can use to spiff up your website navigation.
  •      octicons.github.com – Github icons
  •      lineicons.com – another source for vector icons
  •      fonts.google.com – Large collections of nice and free fonts.
  •      dafont.com – a huge collection PD, shareware and demo fonts. Read the documentation that comes with the font!

Remotely Investigating a WordPress site

Built with is a website that looks at the underlying WordPress code and makes guesses about how the website was put together.

Chrome inspector – lets you look at the CSS that effects elements on your page in order to make small style changes to your website.

DIY Themes – Tools for making your website faster, easier to customize, and lots of marketing info:

Some interesting WordPress.tv topics

  1. Looking at SEO

    Especially the slides.

    2. Short talk on getting started build WP plugins

    First 16 mins is the actual talk, rest is questions.

   3. Interesting presective from a WP developer

    Interesting questions on security and other topics.

 4.   Amusing four minute history of WP

   5. Short lesson on building a successful landing page.


    Good marketing tips, entertaining speaker