Limited Opening

Ideas and Coffee is opening July 1 with limited hours and no more than six people in the space at a time. Our hours for July will be 10am to 6pm Mon-Fri. We’ve spaced the tables further apart and have hand sanitizers and disinfectant available. Please wear masks while in the space and maintain social distancing. Thanks! I hope to see a few of you soon!

At this time we’re doing all Meetups virtually.

Ideas & Coffee joins Croissant

Croissant is an international network of coworking spaces that you can find and book from an app on your phone. When you’re traveling it’s nice to be able to find a quiet place to work or a place to meet people and get a bead on the local scene. Croissant makes it easy to find place, what their hours, what kind of cliental a coworking space caters to.

Ideas & Coffee has now become part of that network! You can find more information on them at And pick up their app at the Apple App store or the Google play store.

What’s happening at Ideas and Coffee?

The last few months has been fun watching lots of projects coming together at the Coworking Jellies and the WordPress work alongs. Here are a few of the things people are working on.

The Traveling Desk

IMG_7419Alice and Janet have been developing a light-weight, inexpensive, portable standing desk. It’s on it’s third revision and has a really nice design. Alice is a hardware hacker who specializes in low-cost solutions to help people with handicaps. Check out her website at 505 Access. Janet is a free lance developer working with node, angular, phantomjs and several other Javascript technologies.

Eco-friendly Tours

EcotripmatchTerry had the idea that most travel websites really didn’t provide a lot of help when you were trying to arrange a vacation to somewhere special, unusual, adventurous, and out of the major tourist scenes. If you want to spend a night in a hut in the middle of the rainforest, how do you arrange that? Eco Trip Match is the tool you need!  Check it out at EcoTripMatch!

East meets West

DSCN1400-2-300x300Joyce created a marvelous blend of asian and southwestern culture in her website Sashiko Southwest. Using the techniques of Japanese sashiko stitching and the traditional southwestern designs she’s created patterns and kits for a wide range of beautiful products. Joyce has built a WordPress e-commerce site and blog and is becoming a WordPress expert.

Travel Stories

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.49.40 PMTraveling seems to be a theme these days. Kendra of Zunguka has created a website to collect travel stories from around the world. It’s meant to be a repository of interesting tales of travel, and a way to get more personal information about a place. If you’re interested in reading interesting stories or adding to her collection please visit her website:

Sashiko Southwest Awards!

sashiko-quiltLast month we mentioned a number of interesting projects happening in Ideas & Coffee. One of them was Sashiko Southwest, the ecommerce site designed around Joyce Perz delightful Sashiko interpretations of Southwest themes. We aren’t the only fans. Barbara Mummers built a quilt based in part on Joyce’s sashiko designs and it took First Prize and Judge’s Choice at the 2016 Eastern Long Island Quilt Show! Congratulations Joyce and Barbara!


Cocoa Conspiracy’s Deployathon

Andrew Stone of Twittelator fame and other iOS developers from the Cocoa Conspiracy group will be available Tuesday from 9am to 3pm to help other iOS app builders get their projects into shape to deploy. They’ll be snacks and lots of conversation and great information in the Apple developer’s world. Here’s what Andrew says is on the schedule so far:

Tuesday at CocoaConspiracy is providing free help to folks who show up w/ their apps. So far, we have:

• Abiquiu Art Studio Tour App v2.0

• A port of a crowd sourced whale watching android app to iOS

And I'm sure a few more will come through the door. A great day to teach and learn, meet future clients and participate in something new.

Please bring a potluck snack.


Coworking Jelly

Coworking Jelly

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014, 10:30 AM

Ideas and Coffee Coworking Space
5021 Indian School NE Suite 500

2 Members Attending

A Coworking Jelly is a work session for anyone working on a project, website, blog, etc to come and work and talk to like minded people. It’s not a networking event, or a place to sell, it’s a place to work, to kick around ideas, and to see what other interesting things people around you are doing. Come join us at Ideas and Coffee on Tuesdays.

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