Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.03.30 PMJamii is the catalyst for Ideas and Coffee. She’s also the co-owner of Southwest Cyberport, one of the first local ISPs in New Mexico. She’s wears a wide variety of hats from scheduling talks, and building websites to washing the coffee cups. She’s a developer for Udorami, a social list making tool. You can usually find her hanging out in Ideas and Coffee, Monday through Friday after 10am and before 7pm.


Other interesting groups

I just ran across another really interesting technology group in town, the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild. They don’t have a Meetup group but they meet Tuesday evenings at the Levitated Toy Factory. Here’s a pointer to their facebook page. It’s a wealth of useful information and pointers.

Beer.js is  a local group of javascript developers and beer drinkers 🙂 They manage their group through a git hub repository.

And if you’re not on the NMdevs slack group you’re missing some great conversations.  Invite yourself here. Thanks to Patrick White for setting this up!

Great iOS session today!

We had a great presentation on autolayout in XCode by Chris Jungmann. Here’s a pointer to his blog with that information.

We also discussed the Albuquerque Open Data framework project that Andrew and Chris have been building. Several folks with Code for America were interested in this project.

Lastly we talked about React Native, an interesting approach to using Javascript for the view part of an app and being able to reuse this between Android and iOS platforms. Here’s an interesting video on that subject.