IMG_3589Alice is the driving force behind  505 Access, a brilliant concept  founded to help people with temporary or permanent disabilities. It draws from her personal experiences of months of recovery from  a horrible car accident.  Even given the length of time she was out of work and recouperating, Alice considered herself lucky. She had a job to go back to and health coverage to help her during the recovery time. She realized that not everyone was as lucky as she had been and began thinking about the problems of high cost medical equipment. Because Alice has an   inquisitive, and innovative mind she  took this issue on and began educating herself about the plight of people living with disabilities. One of the serious issues the disabled have to contend with is the high cost of mobility devices. She realized that this was in part due to a lack of standardization and the inability to use off the shelf widely manufactured parts. Alice began experimenting with making custom designed mobility enhancing tools. She worked with customers to solve their specific needs using parts on can find in hardware stores. This allowed people to have solutions that exactly solve their particular mobility issues, as well as something that can be repaired inexpensively, and quickly. I’m in awe of her clever solutions and her ability to look at something like a gate latch and turn it into to a shopping cart dock. She’s a truly innovative individual, as well as kind hearted and someone working for a better world.

Read more about Alice’s story here. And check out her website at 505 Access.