At the ios Developer’s session

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Chris Jungmann (@incaffeine) is giving us a tour of Hootsuite, a set of tools that help you manage many social media platforms at once. It’s a great tool for scheduling a series of Tweets, and Posts, and it helps you find relevant items for retweeting.

Chris is talking about the process of recompiling is latest app for iOS 8. It’s never seamless 🙂 Ah, the location authorization message is something you can set instead of the generic one we used to have.

Useful setting info: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Location & Privacy.

Some new animation tools: Chris added an animation to produce smoke in his app using CAEmitter. We looked at the code for it.

Pop animation from Facebook is a framework for adding animations to various views. Allows things that look like rollovers and button contraction, ex. ‘POPspringAnimation’.

A great Andrew quote: “If you were doing this in Swift, you’d be done.”

We had a conversation about using the Parse service instead of having to have a back end server to provide cloud services. They have a nice API, and allow service side scripts. It will do push notifications.

We also congratulated Jeremiah on his new job in Denver with bagels, apples and Andrew pickles.